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Build a tree house

There is a room in the tree, where it grows. When you go up, you don't come down. You spend the winter there, storing food and tools. ?What kind of tree can grow a house, like an apple, hung full. You think the world inside the tree house is different from the outside.

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Hidden bear

Where is the bear hiding? On the tree, in the haystack, in the jungle, near the stream, or behind the house. Where do I want it to hide and not appear, or do I hope it will jump out? I believe you do n’t want simple answers. In your mind, they are designed, and you do n’t express your attitude so straightforward. From the beginning, you may have strange ideas when you step into the territory where you may infest you And show proper appearance.

Your idea
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Puppet theatre

Puppet Theatre have Switch all at once / milk khaki / clothes etc./peas are cooked / in the bottle / spicy chicken in the rope / canned fish / very emotional / saving money to buy pants /Arrow to the right / guy upstairs / a bag of sand / waiting for work / good girlfriends / curious No one wanted?


What else is strange

We pushed down the school walls and looked at the world around us, what's the differenc.

I want to tell you

Pretend to do.
No real homework.

It needs to be done at home. If you don’t give it some real life, it’s better to finish it.

  • Ways of thinking
  • Technique
  • Perseverance
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Active user


Solutions being deployed


Year of preparation period

You have new ideas?

Please don't be stingy with your ideas, it is strengthening the tasks you can win.

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Homework completed

Verify that your original arrangement is followed.

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Their story