The deconstruction of behavior in food design exists in the interaction bandwidth and design depth, as well as the basis for the transformation and realization of technical capabilities, and still requires story interpretation.

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Food has no design.

Food's "original sin" and vassal, the focus of the problem.

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Food generate design

Social attributes promote functional transformation.


Increasing social collaboration is a part that can be tried. In general, the unbalanced development of the system it needs to achieve can explain the system that no longer remains isolated or there is a bottleneck in transaction replacement.

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Standing in front of the shelves of the supermarket, you no longer feel the joy of receiving gifts for citrus drifting across the ocean, but become worried. Because of the price component contained, the shadow of oil and more ecological costs is inevitable. It doesn't make us feel out of reach. We need to assume more contractual responsibilities.

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Synthesis options: social issues/needs.

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Program preselection

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You contributed to it, and Without your participation (eat it), Apple may be able to keep the whole intact If there is no pesticide spray, the apple can be peeled If there is no requirement for industrialization, apples can grow naturally without being "facelifted"

Apple peel

— Where Apple Peel Is